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Audio & Visual Services

Have clips of your performances on old video tapes or audio tapes? We can convert them to DVDs and CDs or make compilations of them so you can easily distribute them to talent scouts, directors, producers, and agents.

Performed overseas and need the videos converted from European/Asian format (PAL) to American format (NTSC) to play on US DVD players? We do foreign conversions too.

Audio/Video Transfer & Conversion
We can transfer copies of your audio or video tapes from its original medium onto another medium (e.g. VHS to DVD, or casette to CD) - just send us your tapes. We can create digital video files so you can put them on your web site or other web sites such as YouTube.

Music files from your CDs can be transfered into MP3 format and vice versa. We can also convert videos from foreign countries and vice versa for you. These can all be in digital file formats that you can put on web sites so others can view and listen to your work.

Audio/Video Compilation
Are you a musician or do you belong to a band or are you an actor with multiple clips that you want to compile onto a DVD (or for your web site)?

We can help you compile your original songs and videos into a CD or DVD compilation, complete with a designed CD/DVD label, jacket cover, and jewel case. We can even design your CD jacket. Just provide us your digital audio files and we can help you make a bunch of these compilations…they’re great as demos!

Audio/Video Duplication of CDs or DVDs
Using a high-speed robot, we duplicate multiple copies of any CD or DVD in whole for you**. Our high-volume robot will turn around your job quickly and accurately.

The discs are imprinted with B&W or color directly; these are not printed separately on labels that are stuck on (hence will not get stuck in your CD/DVD tray as they do not peel off). Printed inserts of your own design is an option you can select. We can provide the discs in paper sleeves, jewel cases, or standard DVD cases.

VHS Tape and CD

  CD DVD Duplication

Video Transfer
Videotape* to DVD:
$29.95 (1 tape under 1 hr)
  - includes chapter points     every 3 mins, jewel case
$39.95 (1 tape up to 2 hrs)

Film to DVD (or VHS):
$67.95 for first 200 feet
$0.20/foot additional
  - includes opening title,
    chapter points every 3     mins, jewel case

$19.95/additional videotape
  - up to 2 hrs

*Video Formats
VHS          VHS-C
Mini DV     Digital 8
Hi 8          Super-VHS

Foreign Conversion
$69.95 to DVD (2 hr max)

A/V Duplication Media

VHS Duplication
VHS (each):
$19.95 for 1 hour
$29.95 for 2 hours

CD/DVD Duplication
Duplication**, B&W label, CD/DVD on a spindle

Label Graphic Design
No charge for text labels or provided print files
$100/hr, in 15 min    increment ($25 min)
   for custom designs



**provided that no copyright laws are violated

Duplication Pricing
CD (each):
$1.25 for 500+
$1.50 for 250-499
$2.00 for 100-249
$2.50 for 50-99
$3.00 for 25-49
$4.95* for 2-24
$10.95* for 1

DVD (each):
$1.50 for 500+
$1.95 for 250-499
$2.95 for 100-249
$3.95 for 50-99
$4.95 for 25-49
$10.95 for 2-24
$14.95* for 1

*1-25 CD and DVD include    insertion in case

$0.12/paper sleeve on side
$0.30/paper sleeve inserted
$0.50/CD case on side
$0.70/CD case inserted
$0.95/DVD case on side
$1.20/DVD case inserted

Color printing prices apply    for DVD insert print
$0.15/DVD insert inserted
$0.50/color label