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Understanding The Visible Difference

What makes our headshot prints so much better than anyone elses? Frankly, there is alot of work that goes into printing a fantastic headshot, but it can be summed up into 3 reasons.

People: Our staff is comprised of graphic designers, photographers and photo specialists, not copy center clerks. We understand that printing a headshot is very different from printing some snooty banker's business card.

Process: Before we print your headshot we color calibrate each image by hand. We have invested thousands of dollars to make our printing process fully color managed. That helps us ensure that your colors will look their best. We also calibrate our machines 3 times per day to industry standards, so our machines are at their peak peformance.

Equipment: This is where the ink hits the paper. Well not quite, and that is where the difference is. Headshot prints are reproduced either using a traditional photo lab or a digital press. Mimosa Headshots Red Carpet Headshot prints are true photo prints that are not printed; Red Carpet Headshot prints are developed onto light sensitive paper in photo chemicals. This produces a 'continuous tone' (or contone) image where the colors and tones are smooth and even. This option produces the best image quality.

Star Headshot prints are a more affordable option that uses a digital printing press to print the headshots. Due to the different printing process, if you look closely at the digital print, you can see all the dots that comprise the image.

To illustrate the difference we took a headshot and printed it on our professional photo lab as well as a production level digital press. These UNTOUCHED images were zoomed into 100% to show the difference in quality. For the discerning person, the Red Carpet Headshot prints option is highly desirable.

Headshot Image


Lab Headshot Zoom
Headshot printed using a professional photo lab.

Press Headshot zoom
Headshot printed on a production level digital press.