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Photo/File & Printing Guidelines


Color Matching
Due to the many factors, from print gamut to paper stock to printing process and equipment to chemical batches, an exact color match of a printed photo to an on-screen representation or a print from another source is not possible. Please be aware that colors and grayscale densities may not be accurately reflected by your monitor, laser, or ink jet prints. We will provide you with high quality prints that may not be an exact match but will be close to your original, while aiming for pleasing tones by paying special attention to skin tones, eyes, hair, and overall color balance. We cannot guarantee exact density and color matching, but we will strive to come close to your original. We highly encourage that you obtain a printed proof and confirm your approval within 2 days for matching to your proof.

Photo Submission Guidelines
If your photo was taken with a digital camera or the image has been altered digitally, please submit this high-resolution digital file in JPEG format. The image should be a minimum of 300 dpi at the final size (100%) for best results. If we have to blow-up your image to print to size, there will be a loss of quality. We cannot pull images from other web sites for reproductions; please do not direct us to a site to download your graphics file. We only accept file uploaded to our web site.

If your photo was taken with a film camera please submit the original negative for best results. Please do not cut your negative – simply notate the frame you wish to print.

If you do not have a digital file or negatives, please provide us a print of your image along with the photographer release form. We will be able to work with any print format, however for best quality, we suggest providing an 8”x10” print from a photograph rather than a smaller print or a print from lithograph, laser print, or any other print format.

If you prefer not to order on-line, you may mail or drop off the negative, print or digital file (via CD, USB Flash Drive, or Memory Card), located in Hoboken NJ (only 10 minutes from Manhattan) via a PATH subway ride. Wherever possible, please provide a printed piece so we have a reference point as to your print preference. If you are dropping off your order in our drop box, please remember to include your name, phone number, email, and order request.

You can submit prints, film, slides, or digital files. High resolution digital files are preferred over film or slides for faster turnaround. Film or slides are preferred over prints for best quality.

From Film or Slide
Provide the 35mm or medium format negative strip (do not cut into 1 single frame!) or mounted slide and note the frame number you wish to reprint.

From Print
Provide a clean print, if you do not have negatives or a digital file, that is not copyrighted. If you bring us a proof from your photographer, you will need to provide a written release from the photographer for us to scan the print.

Written Release for Copyright Images
If your photo has a copyright on it, we need the release from the copyright holder. The release may be sent to us via email, mail or via our online form. The customer assumes all responsibility for insuring that no copyright infringement occurs and agrees to protect and indemnify Mimosa Digital, L.L.C. against all claims alleging copyright infringement. It is illegal for us to copy anything that is copyright protected - no exceptions! You can download our Copyright Release Form by clicking here.

File Retrievals
We cannot download images from websites for reproductions. For your security and privacy, please do not provide us any username and password or direct us to any web site to retrieve your digital files.

From Digital File
Provide properly sized digital files of only the files you wish to print to avoid any errors, including cropping instructions if they are not pre-sized. You can also order your prints online and select the crop yourself to avoid cropping charges. Please allow for 1/8" margin for cutting purposes. Files should be high resolution JPG files of at least 300 dpi for best results. If you submit the print order with a low resolution file, we will contact you to obtain the high resolution file. If you insist on using the low resolution file, you will not receive any refunds if you are not pleased with the printed results.

Headshot File Preparation
Prepare all headshot digital image files in RGB. All CMYK color files will be converted to RGB format, which will affect the colors.

Comp Card File Prepration
For color comp cards, prepare all color graphics and photos in CMYK. All RGB color files will be converted to CMYK format, which will affect the colors.

B&W Digital Images
Please submit all black and white digital images in gray scale. Color images that are requested of us to convert to gray scale may appear flat or blurry in the final print. It is best to convert the image on your end to suit the contrast you prefer, then submit the digital image to us for printing. As a guide, to avoid harsh breaks in your image, verify that your maximum highlight areas read at least 5%. To avoid images that appear gray and flat, verify that your maximum shadow areas read at least 95%.

File Sizing
Please allow for a 1/8" margin (not a border) for cutting purposes for images that bleed to the edge.

Cropping and re-sizing may be necessary if the files you provide are not set up within our print specifications. Please allow reasonable latitude to make the necessary adjustments in cropping, sizing, and arrangement of your images, lettering, and logos.

Cropping Instructions
Cropping and re-sizing instructions should be provided if the file is not set to the exact print size specified. Otherwise, we will make an assumption as to your desired crop. Cropping charges will be incurred. There are no refunds unless you request a digital or printed proof.

All beed images must include a 0.125” overprint for cutting purposes. In addition, please allow for a 1/8" safety margin.

For all print jobs that have no bleeds (has white borders), allow at least a 0.25" margin.

Color and Quality Guidance
You may request a digital soft-proof (not printed). However, please know that colors and grayscale densities printed may not be accurately reflected by your monitor, laser or ink jet prints as they are not calibrated to the specificity of our machines and paper characteristics. Please request a printed proof for best results.

We provide both a soft proof (on-screen) or a hardcopy printed proof. We highly encourage choosing a printed proof so that you have the opportunity to check for spelling errors and other details. We cannot be held responsible for omissions, typo errors, font selection, color matching, or other errors once the proof has been approved by you. Upon receipt of your printed proof, please confirm your approval to print your order within 2 days for matching to your proof. All proof approvals are final, and printing may begin before payment is collected. Once a proof is approved, the customer has entered into a binding agreement to purchase the order and cannot change the order after the proof has been approved, unless the order has not gone to print yet.

If no special instruction is provided and if print is provided for some level of matching, Mimosa Digital will use its best judgement in printing your headshot photos by focusing on skin tones.

To ensure that your information is correct, you may request a digital proof. You may also request to review a printed proof of your headshot photos. If a proof is not requested or if the proof was approved, there are no refunds or credits issued for all printed headshots.

Color Gamut
For most computer monitors, the screens are set to sRGB color gamut for display. Each printer has its own color gamut which does not conform to sRGB or Adobe RGB. In other words, what you see on screen, especially a monitor that is not calibrated to the output printer, is almost never going to match what will be printed.

Orders may be placed in person, online or via phone. Prepayment on all orders is required to begin work.

Where retouching work is provided on an estimate basis, prepayment on all orders in full is required to begin work.

Rush Charges
Rush charges may apply if you need your headshots printed within a time frame which is not within the usual turnaround for Mimosa Digital. If you order an item for same or next day, but pick-up later, the same or next-day rates still apply.

The time it takes to ship your prints are in addition to the printing time. For example, if you order next day on your headshot prints and select next day on shipping, your headshots will be printed within 2 days, and shipped within the third day. Mimosa Digital will ship anywhere within the United States. Shipping time is dependent on the type of shipping chosen and travel distance. If you do not indicate shipping preference, we will ship via USPS. Customs duty, if any, may apply for overseas shipments, and are the responsibility of the recipient.


Input Media Format
Film: 35mm, APS, slides,
Medium format negatives (120: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)
Digital: Memory cards, CD,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA
Prints: Printed photos

Please clearly label your items with your name and phone number. Avoid including extraneous files to avoid errors.

Acceptable File Format