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Image Scanning

Archival, Professional Quality Image Scanning
Artists, professional photographers, and consumers who value archiving their negatives, photos, slides and prints come to us for professional quality scanning.

Color Specialists
Using ICC color profiles, we scan professional film formats such as 120/220 negatives and 4x5 transparencies, and also 35mm, 110 and APS film and slides. We care about your photos and memories and they can be color-corrected and scanned in high resolution suitable for quality printing and enlargements.

High Speed Scanning
No need for color-corrections? Our high-speed scanning option provides you a lower cost and quick solution to your archiving needs. Archive your boxes of old photos and have them digitized! We scan all your old negatives, slides and prints, and put them on a CD or DVD data disc for you. Digitally archive them before your film deteriorates or your prints fade any further! This is also a perfect opportunity to make a photo montage of your photos - a wonderful gift for your family.

Photo Scanning and Print-from-Print
If you have a printed photo you want to make more prints of (but don’t have negatives), we can scan the printed photo you have and print more copies for you. You can also get your scanned photos on a CD in a jewel case.


High Quality
Photo Scanning
Professional Resolution
Film Scanning:

(saved as TIFF)
2000ppi (19MB)
3200ppi (48MB)


$20/ scan
$40/ scan

High Resolution Film Scanning :
(saved as JPG, 17MB files, 2000 ppi)

neg strips
1-50 $2.00
51-150 $1.75
151-250 $1.50
251-500 $1.00
501+ $0.75
Min Order $15.95
Full Uncut Strip $7.95
Add'l/B&W $1.00
Save as BMP $0.50
1-50 $2.00
51-150 $1.50
151-250 $1.25
251-500 $1.00
501+ $0.75
Min Order $15.95
Add'l/B&W $1.00
Save as BMP $0.25


neg strips
1-50 $2.50
51-150 $2.25
151-250 $1.75
251-500 $1.25
501+ $1.00
Min Order $19.95
Full Uncut Strip $14.95
Add'l/B&W $1.00
Save as BMP $0.30

$5.95 per 4"x6"
$7.95 per 5"x7"
$10.95 per 8"x10"

Document Scanning
$5 for first 8.5"x11"
$1/page for subsequent

Photo CD
Add $5/CD for    archival Gold CD    upgrade -    recommended
$39.95/DVD    slideshow

Index Prints
   $3 per 4"x6"
   $4 per 5"x7"
$0.23/4"x6" print
8.5"x11" contact    sheets in hard    cover photo books    @$3.95/pg +    $9.95/binding
   15% off add'l books    (same book)

Non-conforming sizes:
$3 each (max    11"x17") @300ppi
$6 each (max 11"x17") @600ppi
   $15/sf for prints > 11"x17"
Add 50% more
   for 2-sided scan
Add 10% more for    add'l copy in screen    resolution (for web    use)
$100/hr for special handling, $25 min
in 15 min increments
   e.g. rotating,    renaming,
   keeping order,    segmenting
$35 Rush service    subject to    availability