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Touch Up and Restorations

Photo Touch-Up
Light retouching is included free of charge on all print orders. Need additional retouching, or touchups on an image you aren't printing? Our professional designers can help. We can touch-up your image such as:

  • remove blemishes such as acne on your face, neck or arms
  • remove stray hair
  • remove or reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • remove or reduce eye bags and crow's feet around eyes
  • remove stains on teeth
  • red-eye removal
  • brighten or darken your photo
  • improve photo contrast

We can even remove braces or swap heads. Do you just love a specific photo of you but can't stand the background? We can extract you from the background and place you on a new background.

Photo Restoration
A complete package for that photo you found folded up in the attic for decades. Once your photos are scanned, we can fix any cracks & folds, faded colors, and other blemishes. We can even colorize black-and-white photos and remove unwanted objects or persons from your photos.





How Quickly?
Same day (4 hours)
Next day (in before 2pm)
2-3 days for restorations

Input Formats
Film: 35mm, APS, slides,
Medium format negatives (120: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)
Digital: JPG, TIFF, PDF, EPS
Prints: Printed photos

Fractal Treatment
Noise Reduction
Crop or fill
Red-eye reduction
Color correction
Color matching
Photo restoration

Touch-Up Services
$100/hr, $25 mininum
   (in 15 min increments)

Photo Restoration
$49.95 minor
$79.95 medium
$119.95 heavy
$179.95 severe
Includes scanning, photo CD,
jewel case, 1 print
    (Additional prints at
      digital rates)