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Comp Cards for Actors & Models

Comp cards (also known as Zed Cards or Composite Cards) are a must-have for models and actors alike. It is used as a mini portfolio by serious actors to get noticed in order to land auditions and jobs. Comp cards are an inexpensive and invaluable sales tool to showcases the many sides and looks you portray.

As opposed to a single sided headshot, comp cards are printed in double sided in full color. The front side typically contains your headshot and name. The back side allows you the space to choose a selection of photos showing different poses or expressions. Choose from a variety of templates of 3 to 6 photos on the back. Your basic stats (height, weight, hair and eye color, etc.) are also entered on the back. This compact but powerful tool contains almost everything an agent needs to choose you.

Comp Cards by Mimosa Headshots helps to showcase you in the best possible way.

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for acting or modeling

Print Size
2-sided color
Printed on Premium 100# Coated Silk Cardstock

How Quickly?
Next day (in before 2pm)
Same day (4 hours)

Instant proofing via our online comp card print & design tool

Print Quantities
100, 200, 300, 400, 500

includes layout, typsetting, color correcting and digital proof - all for free

50 $70
100 $85
200 $120
300 $150
400 $180
500 $210

$25 per 15 minutes

Preferred File Format

Acceptable File Format

(minimum resolution of 150 dpi required for quality printing)

Nationwide shipping via USPS or UPS