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Portfolio Prints for Actors & Models

Are you a model or actor with a need for portfolio prints? Look no further. We can help you with your needs.

We offer full color 9x12 portfolio prints. Similar to our Red Carpet Photo headshots, we print portfolio prints on true photo paper using a professional photo lab for the ultimate in print quality, detail and color. As always, our headshot and portfolio prints can be printed full bleed or with a border.

For the few exceptional photos for your portfolio, choose 12x18 double page spread prints. We print one image 12x18 and cut it in half to two 9x12 prints. Better than printing 2 separate 9x12 prints (you can be 100% sure that the seams will line up), they are great for a double page spread of your best photos in your portfolio.

Looking for a great way to make your marquee photo stand out? We also offer portfolio prints on metallic paper. The three-dimensional appearance of Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper delivers rich and uniquely vibrant colors, exceptional visual interest and depth, and especially flattering yet natural looking skin tones.

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Portfolio Prints for actors and models


for acting or modeling

Print Size
9"x12" Portfolio Print
12'x18" Double Page Spread

How Quickly?
Same day (4 hours)
2-3 days - metallic

Print Quantities
1 or more

$5.95 each - 9x12 matte
$10.90 each - 12x18 matte
discounts available for multiple copies of the same print

Bleed or no bleed (no price difference)

Input Media Format
Film: 35mm, APS, slides,
Medium format negatives (120: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)
Digital: Memory cards, CD,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA Infra-Red, Blue Tooth & camera phones
Prints: Printed photos

Please clearly label your items with your name and phone number. Avoid including extraneous files to avoid errors.

$25 per 15 minutes

Preferred File Format

Acceptable File Format

(minimum resolution of 150 dpi required for quality printing)

Nationwide shipping via USPS or UPS